Schedule-Christmas Day 2013: 20-12-2013 until 1-1-2014Edit


1.06:00AM 都市方程式

2.06:25AM 太子珠寶鐘錶特約: 瞬間看地球  

3.06:30AM 香港早晨    

4.08:55AM 太子珠寶鐘錶特約: 瞬間看地球  

5.09:00AM 上海商業銀行特約: 交易現場  

6.09:45AM 金曲挑戰站

7.09:50AM 快樂長門人  

8.10:00AM 恐龍Dinosaur King

9.10:30AM 易現場  Inside the Stock Exchange

10.11:00AM Holiday Feature: 拉茨:摇滚天使 Holiday Feature: Bratz: Rock Angelz

11.12:30PM 線得得B Teletubbies

12.01:00PM 午間新聞    

13.01:15PM 太子珠寶鐘錶特約: 瞬間看地球  

14.01:20PM 左右紅藍綠 [港台]

15.01:25PM 都市閒情

16.02:10PM 宣傳易

17.02:15PM 今日VIP    及  上海商業銀行特約: 交易現場  

18.02:45PM  Holiday Feature: 草莓女:空的极Holiday Feature: Strawberry Shortcake: Sky’s the Limit

19.04:00PM 芝麻街 (XXXXIII)  Sesame Street (XXXXIII)  

20.05:00PM Scooby-Doo捉鬼敢死隊 (II)  Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (II)

21.05:30PM 鋼鐵俠  Max Steel  

22.06:00PM 普通話新聞  Putonghua News    

23.06:15PM 普通話財經報道  Putonghua Financial Report    

24.06:20PM 普通話天氣報告  Putonghua Weather Report    and  普通話新聞檔案  Putonghua News File    

25.06:25PM 財經消息  Financial Report    

26.06:35PM 高爾夫球雜誌  Green Challenge:Golfing World

27.07:00PM 音樂之都 (III)  Classical Destinations (III)      

28.07:30PM 七點半新聞報道  News At Seven-Thirty    

29.07:50PM 天氣報告  Weather Report    

30.07:55PM 太子珠寶鐘錶特約: 瞬間看地球  Prince Jewellery & Watch Presents: Earth Live  

31.08:00PM L.A. 潮流教主  L.A. Frock Stars        

32.08:30PM 全美一叮(VII)  America's Got Talent (VII)

33.09:30PM 東方表行呈獻: 周五精選点暴龙  Oriental Watch Company Presents: Friday Attractions:Speckles the Tarbosaurus

34.10:30PM BLANCPAIN Presents: 環球金融速遞  BLANCPAIN Presents: Marketplace  

35.10:35PM 東方表行呈獻: 周五精選:斑点暴[]  Oriental Watch Company PresentsFriday AttractionsSpeckles the Tarbosaurus[Cont'd]

36.11:35PM 財經速遞  World Market Update    

37.11:40PM 晚間新聞  News Roundup    

38.11:55PM 太子珠寶鐘錶特約: 瞬間看地球  Prince Jewellery & Watch Presents: Earth Live  

39.12:00AM Michael Bublé 愛回家  Michael Bublé’s Day Off  

40.01:00AM 港生活.港享受  Dolce Vita      

41.01:30AM Top Gear (XVII)  Top Gear (XVII)        

42.02:35AM 歐陸名畫樂悠揚  Museum Masters & Composers  

43.03:00AM Bloomberg財經第一線  Bloomberg Television

44.05:00AM 台灣無綫衛星電視台新聞  TVBS NEWS

45.05:30AM 中國新聞  CCTV NEWS


Schedule-Chinese New Year 2014: 25-1-2013 until 9-2-2014Edit

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